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Solid Retail Services, LLC is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of services, on time and within budget, while creating an enjoyable and productive working environment.



We are sensitive and responsive to our clients’ needs and highly devoted to their complete satisfaction. We have always and will continue to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings. A trait that has been untouched by any similar organization.



In today’s customer service oriented society, timely and proactive service is required to enhance future business growth. A client’s loyalty is always positively impacted when you contact the right service retail professionals to represent you when addressing your valued client’s needs, whatever they may be.

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Our Story

Long before the creation the current president of Solid Retail Services was born in 1972. He is from a single parent family. His mother worked 2 and 3 jobs to support her 2 sons. Her work ethic and determination are the backbones from which he was raised.

In 1982 she worked so hard that she finally saved enough money to become a home owner. Sadly, in 1985 the house caught fire.  Living out of a hotel for more than 2 years he had his share of struggles in life, which he has used to his benefit.

Driven by Passion

In 1991 he graduated high school and immediately enlisted in the US NAVY. Once discharged from the Navy he went on to college and graduated in 1998 with a degree in Applied Sciences. While working for Allison’s Transmission. He was offered a position with a very well-known Signage and Branding company. He took the position and quickly moved up in the company. After 6 years of Employment.

The company decided to outsource all installations, thus, eliminating his position. He moved on and became employed with another organization that did not value their employees or the quality of the services. Truly disappointed with his role there, that company made the decision to part ways. So, he took his knowledge and began Solid Retail Services, LLC in 2011. With a small loan from his family and a second mortgage on his current home. He began working for himself. Using the traits, he was brought up with, instilled in him with his military and college experience. Not only as the owner, but as an installer, accountant, sales agent, quality control and marketing. He wore all hats and, in a sense, still does to this day.


In the 10 years Solid Retail Services has been in business, the installation coverage and service list has grown from 1 installer covering 1 partial state to more than 400 installers covering most of the US, Including Alaska and Hawaii and Puerto Rico. To Date, Solid Retail Services has completed more than 10,000 service requests. Not including our biggest rollout of 1146 locations in 10 weeks in 2017. Although he has had his share of challenges and will continue to. Solid Retail Services has positioned itself to as a very reputable graphic design, printing and installation.

By review of his Core Values and Mission statement, you will agree.


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