Vehicle Wrap installation

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Vehicle Wrap installation

Wrapping vehicles, whether it’s a car, truck, van, RV, bus, or commercial yacht/boat, requires a significant amount of skill and knowledge. Since these vehicles travel long distances and create the first and last impression when arriving and leaving, the wrap must be installed with care and skill in order to last the length of the campaign. Unfortunately, we no longer offer full wraps as a service. We will continue partial wraps and decals on fleet vehicles with the contingency that we are a vital part of material choice. Material choice is key to the longevity of the wrap and many manufacturers offer vinyl wrap materials with some interesting options. For example, there are materials available that prevent graffiti, or allow it to be easily removed. Reflective material is also commonly used to create impact and for safety purposes. Some of less expensive materials on the market can be very difficult  to work with, have short lifespan and very difficult to remove without underlying damage.  We ask caution be utilized in selection of material and installers.

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