Barricade Graphic Installation

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Barricade Graphic Installation

Barricades graphic installation, from hundreds to thousands of square feet in shopping centers and construction sites, inside and outside.

A temporary barricade in installed between the public and work being done at a site, whether inside or outside. This provides a prime opportunity to build anticipation for the coming development, store, or upgrades, and to generate excitement about the changes. Interior barricade installations are typically seen in malls and the graphics installed should be appealing to consumers while not detracting from the overall shopping experience. Ensuring a smooth, bubble-free surface is important, and the ‘line up’ of the images is critical to the overall appeal of the installation for as long as the hoarding is in place. These graphics are typically applied to painted/primed drywall. 

Exterior barricade installation requires slightly different materials in order to help protect against the weather and sunshine, which can quickly deteriorate the look of the printed product if appropriate lamination is not applied. Whether the entire length of barricade is being covered with graphics, or signs are being attached to headers or at varying points along the length of the hoarding, we can perform the installation quickly and with quality.

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